Italy PCS Guide

This guide is intended to help prepare you for the three phases of your PCS move to Vicenza, Italy, which include: before arrival, in-processing, and settling in. The information in this guide was obtained directly from Vicenza Military Community (VMC) agencies and organizations to give you the most relevant, expert, and up-to-date PCS guidance. The Italy PCS Guide is a project of the Army Europe South Community Health Promotions Council (CHPC) and is maintained by the USAG Italy Public Affairs Office.


The resources provided in this document are for informational purposes only. The name, address, or contact information for any business, non-profit, or other non-federal entity appearing in this publication does not constitute an express or implied endorsement. If you have content suggestions or if you are aware of a resource that is relevant to in-processing personnel and their families, please send the information to the email below for possible inclusion in an updated publication.


Current Edition
Last Updated: 25 May 2017
Created By:
Megan L. Epner
CHPC PCS Guide Project Lead & 173rd Spouse Sponsorship Volunteer

First Edition
First Published:  26 May 2016


This effort could not have come to fruition without the insightful feedback and collaboration of the many individuals representing each battalion of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, north and south of the Alps. The contributions of FRG Advisors, Spouse Sponsorship volunteers, FRSAs, and Soldiers are immeasurable and greatly appreciated.

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